Cut Away Death So Life Can Happen Anew

It’s all complicated, and messed up, and tragic, my life. And for different reasons, everyone I fall in love with, and everyone who falls in love with me, has a complicated, messed up and tragic life as well. With death, and nervous laughter, and a feeling of being stuck.

When all is harmonious, and all is felt in synchronicity, everything will work out for all of us. How could it not? We’re all wise, intelligent, giving, caring, empathic, magical
Whether we believe or not
Whether we can see or we can’t
Whether we trust, or trust in betrayal
Whether we believe, or believe in doubt
That which is beautiful will call to us
Offer a dance, a kiss, a warm embrace
A caress across the face that leaves a mark
Not a wound, but a permanent reminder
That this is where Moira touched us
This is where Danu wove our threads together
This is where Izanagi and Izanami stood
While they created the world
While everyone created the universe
While the universe smiled on us all


25 thoughts on “Cut Away Death So Life Can Happen Anew”

            1. Visual kei is a Japanese music style, more visually than musically. The flavor I like is rock/metal, with the Gazette being my favorite band.

              So a rock opera is like other rock operas, except the subject matter in mine touches on Shinto mythology, love, loss, death and rebirth, sacrifice, set in modern day.

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                1. The Gazette is mostly metal, but they have songs in every type of rock and some pop. Try Silly God Disco. I also like Kagrra a lot. Try Utakata. And he moved away from visual kei, but I love Miyavi as well. Try Torture, and one of my faves Mata Yume de Aimashou.

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            1. Two of them have been overcome by events. Other people wrote similar books. The third I could finish. But it’s hard to commit to writing it, with no payoff. A taste of it is in a few blog posts about a coffee shop

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              1. I got published a few times ,greywolfe publishing had their autumn summer winter issues a few years back. Each time they took five of my poems. It was with a bunch of other writers , paperback but I didn’t get paid. Lol they didn’t pay nobody. Online haiku too with no dough. I lost interest to submit anywhere at all.
                Publish your third?

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