The Air Out Of Us

Written with JC at Alphabet Soup Minuscule


You were always stationary,
You never really learned how to ride nor,
Were you able to pick yourself up,
After we fell apart.

You were always elusive
You even hid parts of yourself from yourself
The beautiful inside, covered
With the words written across your heart,

Those beautiful when wet words ,
that bled like ink, so I couldn’t translate them
Enough to understand
what fell apart?
Or if we were ever really together to begin with.
It was as someone let the air out of us.

Slowly suffocating, we couldn’t breathe
The we, the you, the I, all gasping dust
Crumbling ghosts of dying memories
Not even haunting, still hurting

And tomorrow is just a bike we will never ride,
You never learned how to press the brakes,
Only how to pick people up with,
Your nursery rhymes, your lullaby lies.

Your words like honey, like honeymoon
Are sickeningly sweet, bitter
Promises you made to so many
Were just you, running away from yourself.

You will never keep up with anyone,
When all you are is a lie.
You can shift gears.
Maybe even adjust your speed.
But, that kickstand won’t hold you,
It won’t support the weight of you.

All you try to pretend
Falls over with a clatter
Those you tried to ride
Leave you on the ground, wheels spinning
While they walk away smiling.

Leaving you everytime, with their backs to you.
To real, honest love.
Something you will never have,
Because you can take off in when,
Your life is always in neutral,
As you sit on a bike you will never ride.


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