The Ripples One’s Stone Causes In Another’s Ocean

Eventually all the pain had to turn to numb. Eventually, all the numb had to turn to vapor and evanesce, leaving behind the distilled version of me, as pure as the best street drugs, or the most powerful magic.

Only I make you feel better, with no harmful side effects.

You know what I’m talking about, right? Yes, you do. A feeling so strong that you wake with endless smiles, and walk into the dawn with purpose and ease, knowing the matter of love is settled. My image and presence is with you, hovering around you, entering you in sensuous places, touching your soul as much as your body, as much as your mind. When sleep finally comes, as it always does after we take part in each other, you race into your somnolent visions just so you can get through dreams into wakefulness and feel it all over again.

It’s yours, this patient knowing smile, this fire of mine that can vitrify the stones placed in your heart by monsters, these arms that embrace you, protect you, make you feel loved, cherished, unafraid…

Nearly as much as the thought of you makes me feel alive…


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