Hypothetical Coffee Shop Blues

I try to love her twenty four seven
She’s sitting on day eight
We don’t have to be anywhere
So we don’t rush into anything
We talked a minute ago and I miss her already
I think of her all day
I never get tired of that train
We never really disagree
We just say different things
We have similar fires burning us down

Don’t push me away
I’m not leaving
Don’t start with the doomsaying
It’s the end of the world somewhere
But not here

I ration time like air for her
She’s far too busy
We don’t have eternity in mind
So we don’t rush into anything
We sent each other smiles and I wish us already
I can’t hear anything but her
I never listen to the else
We always make up after confrontation
We just put the past behind us
We have similar sentiments lifting us up

Don’t you dare say it’s over
I’m not leaving
Don’t start with the apocalypse
Everything stops sometime
But not now
While I’m still alive

When I breathe, I imagine
I breathe the same air as you
I stare at the same stars
Feel the same breeze
The whisper across the miles
Tells us the same thing
I don’t rush down the road
I don’t crawl
It never went anywhere
We will walk it together
Wherever we are is home
Wherever my eyes find yours
Is my comfort and my peace
My cup is warm and sweet
Just like your lips, I imagine


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