Shutting My Hand In The Door

Reach into my pocket
Handfuls of glitter to throw around
Everything is shiny all the time
But I don’t always want to shine
So invent shadow glitter
Flashes of dark to dull up any gift
The contrast will still be beautiful, I assure you

The darkness is pervasive
Join the dots to see what I have made
Through careless random chance
I just wanted to see

I shut my hand in the door
And my keys are on the difficult side
So just stand there and watch me struggle
Your laughter you can’t hide
Just shoot me
Or better yet, a video
It’s bound to go viral
A hundred million views of my downward spiral

Inside this box called me
Dripping wet
Feelings I can’t forget
Would you do the honors
I’m not there yet
Whatever you say
I will accept
My hand placed gently
On your chest
Your heart beating faster
We start to sweat
Your hands move me
Like a marionette
Your lips and your eyes
I won’t forget

I shut my hand in the door
And my keys are on the street
I love the sound of your voice
When you’re laughing at me
Just kill me
Or better yet, kill some time
That message will be your last
A hundred million bottles
Washed up on the shore
Are all broken glass


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