The Dancers Dance, The Dreamers Dream

The pages described

A rich history of strife

And solutions embedded within

The knife

The sedentary sin

Killing me silently

A life without living

Silence breaking itself

Slicing my veins with the shards

Allowing the poison to drain

The page fills with spells

Written in crimson and marsala

The athame then carves the circle

I walk before her

Casting rose petals for her to walk upon

So her feet never touch the ground

The priestess calls out, unaware

Asking my name, which I share

Asking her name, which is known to all

Permeates all, flows through all

Moira, Danu, Fate

Writing furiously now in the grimoire

The priestess unable to break away

She continues without stopping

Tying the red cord that binds us

Handfasting me with Destiny

Whom I promise to protect freely

She in turn promises love as equals

I promise my blood will nourish the land

She promises her energy will fill me

I vow my sword

She vows her magic

We give of ourselves freely and openly

The rose petals lift on the silent breeze

Becoming ravens and owls that fly into the twilight

Gathering stardust and moonflowers

To weave into dreams to come


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