Like waves crashing against the rocks, men threw themselves at her. (Groove Is In The Heart)

She was a weekend goth, dark hair, dark eyes, pixie face, black clothes, combat boots – in short, right up my alley. She was also the most interesting person in the club. To most people for her beauty and their attraction to it. To me because of the spectacle, the game. (Harley Davidson of a Bitch)

I just watched and laughed. I was never a man like that. I never used a line, I never had a gimmick, and it was both easier and more honest to just be myself. The proverbial win-win situation. Not that I knew of any proverb like this. (Jesus Had A Motorbike)

The funny thing was that she appeared to be on a date with someone, a first date from the looks of it. That date was not going well, and every other man in the place could smell it like sharks smell blood. (An apt analogy in this case.) The man on the date had no idea what he had gotten himself into. Men would come up to her and ask her to dance, or hand her a drink which she happily accepted before setting it on a table next to other drinks she had received that night. That is all she did, each and every time. (Kooler Than Jesus)

This interplay between her and everyone else became the center of my attention. I watched her shoot down man after man, each in a different way. Her date looked sick, though not as sick as she was of him. (Enjoy The Silence)

For whatever reason, I decided to put him out of her misery. I didn’t care what she did or how she responded. I was thinking rescue, not hunt. I didn’t care about a lot of things, which some people found appealing, I guess. (Crucified)

What’s the worst thing that could happen? That philosophy had served me well for years, and I wasn’t about to change it now. She was the most interesting person, but not the only interesting person. So, whatever. Another useful philosophy at times. (Fun To Be Had)

I stood up. She noticed me standing. That was a good sign in this crowded club. I just maintained eye contact while mouthing the lyrics. Two and one, making three, like a chain, an anchor, and the bed of the sea. Being close is where to be, we’re two minds, two bodies, and the rest, you don’t see. I moved onto the floor, keeping eye contact before just laughing out loud. Then I winked and started dancing. (Fun To Be Had)

I went through whatever improvised moves I had at the moment, just like always. What you see is what you get, what you think should be from your own mind. I looked at her after about 30 seconds. She was still watching me. I didn’t hesitate (or care). I made a gentle motion with my head, no words spoken other than the song. What’s right, what’s free, what’s you, what’s me? This life to live wastes time and you don’t forgive. She stood up, as her date looked on with horror and the hearts of an unknown number of men shattered, and moved to the floor next to me. (Heaven Or Las Vegas)

The music karmically slowed down to a lush sensuous speed, as most Cocteau Twins songs did. It didn’t faze her. We embraced and danced slowly, still without ever having spoken a single word. We silently danced, men’s stares shooting daggers at us both, women’s gazes showing relief that they were back on the market, as it were. (Heaven Or Las Vegas)

She leaned in and whispered into my ear, as much as one could whisper in this noisy club.
“Thank you.”
I smiled behind her eyes. “For what?”
“For rescuing me.”
“Of course. Ah, but who will rescue you from me?”
She pulled back and looked at me, smiling. I smiled back. We were already close enough to whisper, so what happened next seemed like the most natural thing in the world. A gentleman doesn’t kiss and tell, and neither did I. (Heaven Or Las Vegas)

“How do we get out of here? What about him?”
“Who? Oh, right. I don’t know.”
“I have an idea.” I motioned to a couple of my female friends, and told them that if they distracted the date, they could have all the beers on the table.
While he was well and truly distracted, we slipped out to the glorious techno sounds of Apotheosis, and headed for the nearest coffee shop. She never told me why she chose me. I never asked. Others were the waves crashing against the rocks. I was the sun. (O Fortuna)


Note: All the words in parentheses are songs. Here is one of them.


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