He works it all out
Fighting himself inside
Winning and losing
Neither side giving up
He battles nature
The chilling air
The pouring rain
The frost on the windscreen
Belts slipping
He is slipping on the ice
Mind slipping into frenzy
He gets it started
And lines up the boxes
Battling demons and angels both
Out on the highway
Dragons take his side
He starts to slip outside
He’s losing it deep inside
He fights his way through
The standstill keeps him from
Rescuing the girl
Saving the day
Disturbing freezing delay
Not stopping not moving
Time to gasp for breath
Time to cut the demons’ wings
Time to make the angels cry
Neither has a place here
It isn’t time yet
It isn’t time
He keeps his skin safe
He rolls up his sleeves
Gets to work on the evening
Making night out of day
To sleep on it
And dream of something real