Three Course Meal, Insouciant

The menu is an ancient parchment
Shrugging, he takes the recommendation
He is willing to try new things
She is stuck on the price
The cover is not appealing
The words not descriptive enough
The ingredients not specific
She feasts instead with her eyes
As long as it looks right, she thinks
The drinks do not quench thirst
They are not meant to
They inspire hunger instead
The silverware, inspired by gravity
Upon his retrieval of it
Affords him a glance at her tanned thighs
An appetizer that becomes the main course
She wants to try a morsel from his plate
He will not eat with his hands now
Understandably delayed, the meal arrives
The chef has been called away
To prepare Cupid’s last meal
The understudy plays the role tonight
The spices are not quite right
The flavors unswirlable
She is somehow both rare and well done, he notes
A song comes on that neither of them likes
The server checks on their progress
Dessert is not an option
Drinks are enough
They decline the boxing of their remains
They won’t be eating this meal again


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