Return Of Godot, Aesthete

Unable to make a cut
A one-armed scissor
Un-joined and ineffective
I alight upon an outdoor seat
A table, noon sun
Along this sidewalk cafe
People stare at my fire
Or at the steaming coffee
When I drink it, I can see my breath
(Just like thoughts of you escape my lips
When I drink of you
I cough to cover the gaffe
No need for a bobsy-die)
Elite clouds give us a pass
We can see castles where there was vapor
“Them” announces its presence in pairs
This one, a wireless dichotomy
That, sitting on the same side of the table
Another, silent and wishing to be elsewhere
Still another, silent and comfortable
Hidden flashes of smile and concupiscence
My commensalism, silver threads which bind me to “Them”
My cacoethes, it is far too late to cover with a cough
Once my mind is properly sucussed
Vicinal natives having departed for various reasons
Energy gathered and stored
Spirit operosic, argute
The last drop sinks to my core
I drift along towards the sunset
Entirely panurgic


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