May I Have This Danse Macabre?

Remember when we were run on sentences finishing each other’s kisses? Phrases touching one another’s faces? We ran to so many places to get out of the rain, because the spines of our umbrella were broken from the pressure of life and the woman with the huge baggage. We touched our words and they were synonyms, but it had an end, dear, and that’s life.

We tossed back some memories and danced until we felt no pain, every night at 9pm after the sun had gone down. Those drinks weren’t free, but we had an eternal tab because we packed them in, you and me. We would go out and the floor would part like the Red Sea in neon and strobe lights. Those were the days I’ll be thinking of for the rest of my time here on this green and blue ball. A few more whacks around the sun and I’ll skedaddle.

I have to say, I wasn’t ready for it. I caught you every time you jumped up into my arms, but I wasn’t ready for that last one. We dreamed under the same stars and slept under the same roof for a while, but that house is not a home anymore, and that’s life.

Yes, we ran to get out of the rain, just like now, only you’ll be dry forever, won’t you. Just a few words said at the wrong time in the wrong place, and the wrong person heard them, but everything will be just fine, won’t it. You said you wanted to be with someone ‘forever’, and I am happy you will get to do that, and I think you’re happy too. You looked happy the last time I saw you. Maybe a little flushed, there at the end.

He looked happy too. Did at first, anyway.

Anyway, I just wanted to wish the two of you the best, and give you these flowers. It’s been a year, in case you didn’t know. I’ll just set them here on the ground. Stay dry down there. Okay?


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