Pardon Me, Your Shoe Is Untied

Faux profundities
Why would anyone chase a waterfall?
Dust and pollen is blowin’ in the wind
Is one of those the answer?
Then what?
INFJ is a four-letter word to some people
Not that this is a consistent answer either
How would one choose between left and right
When one does not wish to move?
This post, itself
Has nothing to add to anyone’s life
Has no profound thoughts or insights
And yet it exists
And you’re reading it
Waiting for the other shoe to drop
This is barefoot
There is no other shoe
We’re all accidents waiting to happen
We’re all crashing planes
Trying to fly as high as we can
To soar as long as we can
Before we smash into the mountains
Or glide to a gentle stop
In our sleep


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