Alone again
And I’ve got the lights down low
Except the one that burned out
That reminds me of you
Because it also never changes

Haikus and limericks
Both express a certain form
Like the form I filled out
When you left and stole all my shit
Except my music
For some reason
I guess like a rice cake
You have no taste
But what does that say about me?

Rice cakes don’t talk
But if they did I think they would say
You are a bitch
I’ve heard that if you drink enough
You can drink the pain away
But I keep scraping my finger on the bottle caps
Both you and my beer need outside help to open up
Without hurting me

And now you’re gone
And I can finally take a piss without the fear of you falling in
Not fear exactly
Since I kept covering the bowl with plastic wrap
And it’s so quiet
It’s so still
And I can’t hear the sound of your voice
Your annoying shrieking voice
Like a cross between Fran Drescher talking
And Bob Dylan singing

I remember karaoke
I just said you were drunk
I remember all the parties
I just said you were drunk
I remember those two weddings
I just said you were drunk
I remember the funeral
That time I had to say you had Tourette’s
I remember you holding my hand
And having to sanitize it afterwards
I remember all those guys to whom
You introduced me as a friend
And now I wash my hands 17 times a day
On general principal
And sometimes take two or three showers
Trying to wash off the sticky memories

And now I can’t think of you without laughing
All the games we used to play
But only you knew we were playing
Now I play some games alone
It makes me happy
Because I just got two bullseyes in a row
And I kept that picture of you
And I look at it often
And I printed off copies
How do you think I got two bullseyes in a row?

Practice makes perfect
So you’re a perfect whore
But despite all that I feel
And all you put me through
I would take you back in an instant
Because I long to feel the sweet, sweet relief
That came when you left me
I would feel it over and over
The weight off my soul
The instant gratification of being without you

So anyway
I hope you’re doing well
Well enough to keep the fancy cars and clothes
Because gas is expensive
But it is worth it at any price
Just to see the look on your face
When you awaken to a burning car
Filled with burning clothes
And burning shoes
Just like you burned me
And speaking of burning
My test came back negative
So the burning sensation came from someone else
Probably that asshole from work

I’ll always love you
Being gone


38 thoughts on “Burning…”

      1. Being compared to Nora jones should always be flattering but you’ll understand when you listen. Maybe. The things that remind me of things don’t always remind other people of the same things so it might just seem weird.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Alright, I have another confession to make– I am also now starting to look forward to your exchanges with Aurora in the comment sections. I feel kind of dirty and guilty but you two are awesome. This was like acid dripping off the screen. Great read but boy I hope your ex has a hazmat suit for protection.

    Liked by 1 person

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