A Thousand Tiny Notes

Written with JC over at Alphabet Soup Minuscule

In my head, I’ve held you a thousand times.

I’ve listened to your stories,

Your laugh. And,

I’ve fallen in love with the way your eyes crinkle up in the corner when you think.

Hard thoughts, about things you don’t share.

I’ve written you tiny notes a thousand times

Crumpled them up

Unsent and unanswered

I’ve fallen in love with the idea of you, the reality of you

Uncovering your insides.

Those insides you make your home in.

That warm spot I want to hold you tight, like an angry fist squeezing.

I wonder if you are thirsty, like me.

If, you will pick me from this field I have become overgrown in?

Will you blow me away like dandelions

Before my thorns pierce your skin?

Examining the things that make you work

The pieces that keep you alive

Are those that keep you breathing and dreaming.

Is it me you see?

After the sugar is poured and mixed?

After your first sip.

Is it me you taste on the corner of your mug.

Will I taste sweet or bitter?

Will you swallow me whole or savor me on your tongue?

Experiencing me completely

Slowly, in the morning after.

Will you rise again

And press me to your lips

As if I were a stamp,

You wanted to seal


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