Until The Weight Brings Me Down Again

On slick black roads
Loss of control
But I can fly
I can always escape
Only so high
Until the weight
Brings me down again
Haven’t seen the sun
In a long time
Doesn’t anyone remember
Those piercing eyes
Staring at your guilty conscience?
Is it time to leave
Have I overstayed my welcome
Time to fly
I can fix my mistakes
Only so well
Until the gravity
Of the situation
Brings me to ruin again


11 thoughts on “Until The Weight Brings Me Down Again”

  1. Wow.
    I can ALWAYS escape
    Only so high
    Speaks to me in so many ways.i read this and I feel like you are taking me to a time where I was ALMOST enough. ❤️ thank you happy I found you.

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      1. somehow your commentary with Aurora here reminds me of this brief quote by an unknown:
        “I only hang out with guys because they never start drama”
        “Um….read a history book”

        Liked by 1 person

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