You Probably Shower Naked Too, Don’t You

Sometimes, when you think something will happen because it usually does, you start expecting it to happen instead of waiting to see what happens. 

At that point, two things happen. 

1. You use it as an excuse not to change anything. If it’s going to happen anyway, why do anything different?  Especially with yourself. 

2. Instead of a probability, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. You subconsciously do things that help bring it about, due to confirmation bias. It becomes more important to be right than to be happy. 

If you don’t avoid having expectations, you will subconsciously bring about the negative things you think always happen. So lo and behold, you will be correct.  However, the temporary satisfaction of being right never ever lasts quite as long as the happiness you would feel if you suspended expectations, or anticipated good things. Your thoughts and words color your world.  What you think and say is generally what you attract. 

The act of me typing these words is a test of this hypothesis. Let’s see what happens. Write something positive you want to happen in the comments. 


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