Making Light Of Her Troubles

She sat in darkness. They all did. The only light came from an occasional shooting star. She had been taught to be good. Being good, thoughtful and kind was how she was raised. It was a part of her. It was what was expected of her.

But she wondered what would happen if she just stopped and sat still for a moment. She had been told to gather berries for the clan, but… with a half-full basket, she sat down. She promised herself it would be just for a few seconds. That’s when her hands started glowing. She stared at them, wide-eyed, and then with the smug expression of one who knows a secret, she gathered the rest of the berries.

Time passed, because I only have 333 words, you know, and she took liberties here and there experimenting with the glow. Each time, more of a task went undone, or an order unfollowed, until the elders noticed light when there was no fire, not that fire brought about light for more than a few minutes. She hid it carefully after that.

The neighboring village noticed the glow as well. It was hard not to when the pitch blackness permeated everything. They planned to capture the source of the light, no matter what it was. And they chose the night carefully – half the clan was on the other side of the village, far in the fields gathering the grains that grew in shadows.

She was told to stay in the village and mind the stew. Stir it. At the first sign of attack, she turned the stew over onto the first three warriors of the enemy clan. Her hands and then her whole body glowed, and she burst into flame. She simply glared at the enemy clan, who immediately fled in fear, and then she took flight. At once, she realized what the shooting stars really were.


10 thoughts on “Making Light Of Her Troubles”

  1. Many of my undergrad creative writing classes were spent alongside a poet named Amy B. Good.

    An awesome name for a writer of any genre, really. Of course this was before any social media platform so i never kept in touch. I’ve tried to find her. Either she’s said, Fuck Facebook or got married.” I often wonder what her new last name is.”

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