Someone said let’s get out of this
I feel like a professional apologist
Boss man says I got to give him something
“Nothing says loving like marrying your cousin”
Wise guy

We all need it
Let it come
Believe it
Stop being your own worst enemy

These sidewalk tiles are cracked in the middle
Can I recover from this kind of affront to back
Fun times
While sweat pours down your body I shiver
I had to leave a slip for what I tried to deliver
Too kind

I don’t need it
I should probably
Leave this
Stop being my own worst enemy

Marilyn Monroe standing over vents
Complaining about it doesn’t make much sense
What can I possibly do about it?
You want me to keep it quiet
While you go and shout it
“I can do it all myself”
Why are you so alone?
You’re too lonely to answer your telephone

I told you that you had the softest skin
Especially when I touched the words written within
Your mind
We binge-watched moonlight and fireflies
I’ll never tell the color of your eyes
Love, blind

I might need this
Starlight swimming
Believe it
Why would anyone
Ever want to be my enemy?