This love wouldn’t start, but it couldn’t stop, like a car with a dead battery going off a cliff…

These words I write
She reads, eye rite
Look legendary lamplight
Fly higher than hopeful kites
Ignite the night
Burning twilight
Our dance was at eleven
We were in the spotlight

Even though we were heading for bed
We made love in the kitchen
So she could have better light
Even though I lived four houses to the left
She drove around the block
So she could always be right

These words I choose
She reads, with blues
Shaking legendary earthquakes
Vibrate too quickly for heartaches
I whisper ‘don’t choose
The one false among our trues
Our chance at forever
We cannot refuse

Experienced lips tastes better
Love feels better when it’s broken in
Weathered by wind, suntanned skin
Love feels better when it fits comfortably
Don’t ever let go of me