Anagram Metanoia

Laced revolver win
A denied swisher thrift
A fellow supplier
Enchanted tavern
Wild lover enclave
Inherits swift redhead
False purple owl
Enter vanned chat
Dwell Rev Veronica
Whir disheartened fist
Few pull paroles
Ranch van detente
Eviller woven card
Steadied fishnet whirr
Flareups we poll
Ant never chanted
Drivel now cleaver
A hidden strife withers
Apple lures wolf
Haven cent ranted
Wine-clad revolver
Interferes with his add
Flu plow relapse
Haven tent dancer
Recall revived now
Add freshest ire within
Ale supplier flow
Hard vent canteen
Craven deliver low
Tenth swish dad fierier
Leaper plus wolf
Tender nave chant
Worn devil cleaver
Twister finish adhered
Lapels flower up
Vend ache entrant
Cleaner drivel vow
Its darn whitefish reed
Feral pulse plow
Even tanned chart
Lace wind revolver
Deadens thriftier wish
Low leaf purples
Traced henna vent


19 thoughts on “Anagram Metanoia”

                    1. Only for a bit. By the way, have you noticed that all my replies have been anagrams of each other?

                      Not really, but wow, can you imagine if they had, how hypothetically impressive that would have been?

                      Liked by 1 person

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