Oh Yeah, Carnal Domestic Adventurers

I know, I know. “Dude, you’re kinda bumming me out with all these poetries, all these serious things. I come here for your stupid immature idiotic dumb stuff. So howsabout some more of that instead of all this love and feelings crap.”

Well, that’s part of who I am. I’m comprised of part lover, part love, part lover in love, part lover in love with love, and part love of the lover, plus some other crap. If you like that other crap, and hate love, then you will eventually be one entertained love hater. Yeah, this is because I live for you. I do this for you, baby. Yeah. You like that? You know that you do. I love the things you do to me and for me because you love me.

I love how hot you are, and wet. I love how hot and wet you get while you’re loading the dishwasher, steam everywhere. And everything is so clean. The sink is so shiny, pumpkin pie! Oooo, yeah.

Now, you bend down and start sucking. You really know what you’re doing, and you really know how to turn it on all the way. That crevice tool sure gets all the dirt from behind the refrigerator, doesn’t it? Yes, it does, baby, yes it does.

And now you smile at me and take all your clothes and give them to me, all in a pile, so hot and nice, and smelling so good, and you motion me to the bedroom. You want me in there, don’t you? Yes you do. You want me to take your folded clothes and put them away for you in your dresser? Yeah, I know you love when I do that.

And I reach down and take out what you’ve wanted me to take out all this time. What you’ve been waiting for all night. You want me to undo it, don’t you? You want me to slowly pull it open, staring at you sensuously while you look hungrily at me. You want me to open it all the way so you can put that empty coffee can in the bag before I close it back up, right baby? Right. And I’ll hold it tight as I take out this trash for you, hot lover.

And now we’re finally in the bedroom again, staring at each other, both wanting the same thing. You want it, and I want it. And I know how you like it when there’s a little struggle before it finally happens, before it finally goes all the way in, and everything goes together so perfectly and so nicely. Man, those fitted sheets are a bitch to put on, aren’t they? But we put it on all the way, and then the flat sheet and comforter, just like it should be. Because if this is wrong, then you don’t know what you’re talking about – I used to be in housekeeping at a ski resort for 2 years, and I have probably made more beds than your grandmother, you sexy beast. So shut your lips, and come over here.
I can’t wait for you to put your hands all over me in all the right places. I’ve got this place in my back that’s kind of sore, and you could rub that spot… lower.. no over a bit… oh yeah, right there. Ouch! Not so hard! Where you going, baby? It’s only been 15 minutes.


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