You Don’t See Many Left-Handed Stylists Anymore

Perspectives speak into the microphone, turning up the volume until they are the loudest.

When I was a child, I used to marvel over how many stylists were left-handed. Think about it and you’ll understand. Asterisk.

I can say it’s dark and you can say it’s light. But if we’re standing on the opposite sides of the world, we’re both right, and only our perspectives are at odds. That’s why it’s so important to see things from another point of view. Not every other point of view, though! That’s paralyzing. Not every other point of view is sane. Weed out the unreasonable, and whatever is left, even if it’s not your grande cup of soy chai latte, is viable.

Asterisk resolution: Because I was watching them in the mirror.

Only the right-handed stylists I saw were left-handed in reality. That’s the kind of perspective lesson that strikes your mind like lightning, and makes you question everything you know. And that was when I was in single digits years old. You might think that these things happen most often when you’re young, and decrease in frequency and intensity as you grow older, but you’d be fucking wrong. How wrong? This very post might be a lightning strike for you.

Those things happen more and more as you get older, because wisdom and experience are a snowball at the top of the hill, starting slow and small and getting faster and larger as time goes on, gathering information and experiences and data and pain and pleasure and conjunctions until it’s a behemoth made of lightning.

Why do you think they call it ‘over the hill’? Because snowballs don’t roll uphill.


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