Elementary, My Dear (Ms.) Watson

Alpha enigma omega mcguffin
Sensate ornate piledriver jackhammer
Chim-chiminey chim-gimme-gimme
Shiv shiv in the back
An irresistible fascination with black clouds
An irascible laceration spilling facts out
An irrational abjuration kills then backs out
An irredeemable condemnation fills with max doubt
Coughing choking noxious vapors
Offing joking toxic capers
Doffing smoking walking papers
Scoffing movers, boxing shakers
Difficult not to feel this
Grab a corner and peel this
Take the wrong deck and deal this
No one’s looking so steal this
No one sees you conceal this
Someone throws a surreal disc
Someone flows through the real this
Someone knows to reveal this
Dust devils under crushed metal
The kettle whistles, the dust settles
Malicious vicious dishes taste delicious
A thousand wishes ambitious auspicious
Reflex reflects rejected respect
Inspect neglected wrecked object
This part is not like the rest
It’s meter and pattern are broken
Obfuscating any sequence discernment
Succeeding in becoming unpredictable
What’s coming next? Another rhyme?
We haven’t got the patience or hours for that
Hours and hours pass while we’re pretending to sleep
Or actually sleeping
Or keeping our minds busy while we try to sleep
Or attempting to astrally project into another locality
Does anyone know what really happens all the time?
Or is it all just an educated guess
Happenstance circumstance instance
The dance we all imagine we’re performing
I don’t see myself how you see me
I see myself how I think you see me
Three things mean the same in any language
Fuck you


19 thoughts on “Elementary, My Dear (Ms.) Watson”

          1. Both.
            At first I thought you were saying you’ll never royal me and…..I was so confused by what that might mean I was afraid to comment. Then my brain functioned briefly and I figured it out. Lol

            Liked by 1 person

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