The Chaotic Sky Is Earth’s Mood Ring

It seemed like life was turning a corner, but life was a myriagon, and I lost count of the turns a while back. I jumped off the train, fled the bandwagon and stepped off the soapbox. Walking on sunshine always burned my feet, so I hopscotched across moonbeams instead. The color of the sky varied, because it was earth’s mood ring. How many jet streams did it take to change a light show? No one knew but the large-eyed bird behind you, and owl never tell.

It occurred to me that if people went on blind dates while actually covering their eyes the entire time, they might learn something about people and society. When they uncovered their eyes, and the truth, they would see the person across the table completely differently from any ridiculous ‘first impression’. Robbed of one of the senses, the others would be heightened, especially the sense of compassion, lady.

She batted her eyelashes at me even though I had signaled for a curve ball. It was time for the seventh intimate stretch, and they were playing our song. The third base coach was signalling me to head for home, and I did that gladly. Suddenly, baseball metaphors fell out of fashion, lower than bell bottoms. It put me in a foul mood.

Walking on moonshine always burned my throat, so I single-malt scotched across Jim Beams instead. I jumped off the bar, fell off the wagon, and stepped on a land mine full of candy. Life was like magic somehow – it had just turned into my driveway. Jazz hands ensued.


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