Adverb Adventures

There once was a thing with a person. Her name was Suddenly. Suddenly, Suddenly suddenly ran out of the story. Then, just as suddenly, Suddenly suddenly ran right back in. All of a sudden, Suddenly decided that her brother, Rather, would need to be introduced. Suddenly did this rather suddenly to Rather. Suddenly then suddenly realized that rather than Rather being suddenly introduced, she should have introduced Quickly. Suddenly quickly brought Quickly into the situation rather quickly, and rather suddenly, which Rather quickly attributed to Suddenly quickly needing to rather quickly move the story to the next paragraph.

Quickly quickly mentioned Very, their youngest brother, who stepped up very suddenly and very quickly. Suddenly very quickly brought up the fact that she would rather have brought their mother Earlier into the story. Earlier had Suddenly, then Quickly, then Rather, then Very, but their father Much often forgot the order of his kids much more quickly, and rather suddenly, unlike Very did earlier.

Suddenly, everything went to hell.

Then, flowers grew and upgraded the software.


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