If you killed someone, actually killed them with your words, I would swear you were with me the whole time.

Upon reflection, staring across the evening sea
I am reminded of you, and us
You and I have written memories on every grain of sand
On some future holiday, on some other beach
One of us will dig our toes in the sand
And feel that connection that bound us together

We spoke without words, lips touching, tongue-tied. My footprints deeper in the sand, one set of tracks, carrying you on my back. Spying no other footprints, no other eyes, I let you down gently, so to speak. We lit a fire on that beach, that night, without fuel or flame… only heat, only us.

You and I feel shared closeness on every breeze
Blowing from the past
They cool our skin, but set fire to our hearts
Longing and melancholy are the easiest sentiments to feel
The most seemingly comfortable, familiar, elegant, and yet
They mask a sadness hidden behind the beauty