Absolutely Sun

Sun frozen
Icicles poking out
Radiating from skystorm
Light warming with cold heat
Shining darkly with shadow
Lighting the darkness
Darkening the light
Shadows not intertwining
Staying on their own sides
Glowing as underwater
Illuminating my mistakes
Disguising them as heat


4 thoughts on “Absolutely Sun”

  1. I love the poem, reminded me of something I wrote once but it’s a different sort of prose.
    ‘I’d never been one to fawn or rue over generalities. There’s come a subtle hate for that which is the same, as if in likeness some character can be wheated as so great a flaw to be deemed and shunned so filthy a word as stereotype. Life is full of consistency. As if one doesn’t fill their cup and plate to eat now only to have to do it again later on and tomorrow. As if the moons arch across the sky remains any different or beautiful to the poet or lover. As if every person doesn’t come into this world only to die.’

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      1. I never thought of this as beautiful, more that comes to mind is dark cynical.
        But it does make sense that things speak to people differently.
        And thanks for the compliment that really isn’t one, haha

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