Mission file status: top secret.
Operation Globewar Prevent: in effect.
Target time arrival: successful.
Target location arrival: successful.
Target subject: acquired.
Mission: unsuccessful.
Reason: target acquired accurately; bystander intercepted kill shot.
Bystander name: Franz Ferdinand.
Awaiting further orders.

History shows again and again how networks point out the chocolate of men. Godiva!

Can a blog post like this survive on its own in the wilderness of the blogosphere? It’s just full of chunks, bits and pieces – like a blog trail mix that you eat on the way through the blog forest on the way to blog civilization. Although, it’s tasty and good for you.

There once was a man from Nantucket, who got tired of people making jokes about him, so he got a truck with an inflatable swimming pool in it and started peeing in it every day. Then he bought a SuperDrencher 6000, hooked it up to a car battery, put the supply hose in the pool, and drove around Nantucket shooting anyone he had ever heard or seen making jokes about him in any way, completely soaking them with urine. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where the term “pee-shooter” came from. True story.