The Long And Unwinding Staircase

When I go
down a long
flight of stairs
I hold my arms
stiffly at my sides
so I can feel
what it’s like to be
Lord of the Dance


18 thoughts on “The Long And Unwinding Staircase”

      1. that kind of dancing has always had me in stitches quite frankly, and then there was that movie years ago…um…Superstar? giggle.
        I showed this to hubby, he said, “don’t tell him about the time you tripped down the stairs and did it upside down”
        he also said he was going to change all of his passwords to Lord of the Dance…
        he jests, of course…

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      1. Sort of but if you go slow enough it’s just a little bump. And yes I’m serious. Lol
        Sometimes my exhaustion runs deep. And I have super young siblings haha

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