Cleansing Waters

At night, darkness, moon and stars obscured by clouds, silence

Solo excursion, shed skin, encumbered by aught but saltwater waves 

Unafraid, daring the depths, remembering a dear soul, smiling, feeling a tingling exhilaration, laughing into the darkness, a journey begun, traveling towards happiness, running for comforting arms, a warm embrace, a trusted companion, a beautiful friend, a love… 


9 thoughts on “Cleansing Waters”

  1. I’m a person who loves details. The hearts a perfect touch and I can’t help but notice the shoe prints and wonder what soul that is. I mean sole.

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      1. lol I gathered that lack of attire situation from your poetic words actually. On rare occasions I can be comprehensive and intuitive. πŸ™‚ So a heart from your soul. Got it.

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