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    1. Thank you! There was a little puzzle where we were. Two, actually. An avenue in the cemetery was named after the wife of a GA senator from the 1800s, and the main street we’re off of was named after Johnny Mercer, and he’s buried in that cemetery.

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  1. Some people Would prefer a more modest resting place, like me. Lol
    But I think these are beautiful displays of reverence and remembrance of people loved and being missed. I’ve givine my own personal displays of reverence for people that I was exptremely close to that passed away.
    I don’t find cemeteries sad or morbid. I find them peaceful and bittersweet.
    These photos are beautiful

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    1. Thank you. I love the history of this place, how streets I drive down are named after people in that cemetery… So who were they, and what did they do, and how long did they live? And yes, the stones and monuments are beautiful, but some were a bit ostentatious. One of them was as tall as the trees.

      I haven’t created any displays. I also won’t need one, since I’m going to live forever. 😉 But even relatively mundane people in small plots had puzzles or intrigue. A large plot with one person in it from the 1800s…what happened to the rest of the family? A group of people who all died within a few weeks of each other… An illness? People who had sayings in English or Latin… What made them choose Latin, and what made them choose those sayings? What did the sayings mean to them?

      All interesting, not morbid at all, though sometimes sad if there are children.

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      1. Extravagance for someone they felt extravagantly about. 🙂

        I love cemeteries for the same reasons, imagining what’s behind the headstones and epitaphs (not literally) How life went for these and theirs.

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        1. I got the impression that some of them were just monuments that were better than the others in the cemetery, and had only marginally to do with the memory of the actual person.

          But most were beautiful tributes to the people interred there.

          I feel the same way about the place I’m staying in. So much of the owners is in this house, especially photos and art. And articles written by them for local newspapers. Picture of the patriarch busking in downtown Savannah. A door that comes from a NYC brownstone, with the address still on it. Interesting.

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          1. I guess the way mind idealizes life I imagine they loved these people so much that’s why they chose the extravagance. Nine times out of ten my idealism is incorrect. Of course. Sigh.
            I love history too 🙂

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            1. I’ll add my cynicism to your idealism and divide by two. That’s probably close. 😉

              You are probably right about a large number of them. But the most ostentatious are for show.

              Except the piano one. That one is special.

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    1. ‘A new words’ is also a new way of saying a new words, plural and singular now mean the same thing, especially if you want to save time and combine two sentences at once. It’s true, I read it on the internet.

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      1. That makes counting so much easiers. You’re a geniuses! I will have been the liking your word language constructures. They’re standingout! Just additionallyordinary. 🙂


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