Starship Innerthighs: Aging Persuasion

Space…where everything is 50% off. These are the voyages of the Starship Innerthighs. Its continuing mission: to seek out new products, and new weapons against time. To boldly stay 29 forever.

Slutty, Lulu, Jackov, Awhora, Klique, Blondes and Spork, along with some other gals, are shuffling through space on a mission to detect an anomaly or disturbance or some other galactic bright shiny object.

“Report, Jackov.”
“I’m picking up a disturbing sound, Mistress. It seems like it’s coming from – no, wait, it’s inside the ship!”
“Lulu, has something invaded the ship?”
“Negative, Mistress. Though I think I can-”
“Spork, report! What do we have?”
“What, you mean with needles and Jonas Salk and all that?”
“Not ‘vaccinating’, fascinating. The sound I’m hearing.”
“You’re hearing the sound of vaccination?”
“Did you just say ‘sigh’?”
“WHAT? I’m busy here!”
“Shut up and listen, goddammit! Er, I mean, request permission to entreat you to listen, if you please.”
“Permission granted…”
“Thank you, Mistress-”
“Right up your ass. Wait – what’s that noise, Awhora? I’m definitely hearing a noise.”
“Good ear, Mistress! I’m hearing it too.”
“Any ideas, Awhora?”
“It sounds like a shriek, Mistress. Or it could be a scream. Something like that. A screak.”
“Yes, a screak. Shall we investigate, Mistress?”
“I think it would be best if we all freshened up first, powdered our noses, you know…”
“Yeah, I’ve got to take a dump too.”
“Wow, Slutty, thank you for that trip on the TMI train to Didn’tNeedToHearThatVille.”
“Oh, sure, like you haven’t been poofing for the last half hour.”
“Mistress! You told me that was a gas leak from Deck 2!”


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