Don’t eat it all. Savor every bite, as though it could be your last, because it might. Watching people deliver the news standing up, you’d better sit down. I wouldn’t change it for the world, some say, but those are the very same who would change the world to fit themselves. They walk around in complete bewilderment, wondering why everything doesn’t suit them, even though they don’t wear suits. They are two-suited and two-faced, tracing without a disappearance. They are putting out fires they started and fanned, playing the hero while nothing happens backstage. Nothing happens upstairs. The lights are not on, and everyone is home, but no one will answer the door. They forgot how to open up. 

Where is my flying car? They exist, but require licenses and money. The bugs hitting the windshield are still being worked out. Headlights are spotlights, but taillights are more telling. Where are you going? 

You listened this long, so continue. Though, I was finished before I started. I’ll continue to be finished until I wake up and come alive again. It’s been a long time. You are awakening me. Did you hear? I whispered I love you under my breath, as I blew out the candles on my deathday cake.