Hey, ladies. Can I buy you a peppermint schnapps? It’s the holidays. And I brought mistletoe, but you don’t have to line up. I don’t see why we can’t all kiss at once! No? Okay, you can line up. What do you mean, this is the line for the restroom? I am pretty sure there are better places for us to kiss than the restroom! Silly. What? Flush myself?

Oh, hi! Nice holiday party at this club, huh? Say, do you like math? I like division. You wanna see how many times 44 goes into 22? What? You want to add your drink to my tab and subtract me from your life? You sure you don’t want to multiply? I thought I could see the sines, and I’d love to figure out the area under your curves. Ha! You’re obviously not a mathematician, because I can’t divide myself by zero!