Awaiting Moderation

Life in extremes, dreamers of dreams
Screamers of screams
Shaker of shadows
Falling from trees, feeling the breeze
Down on my knees
Making amends

To swerve suddenly
Against the rails
Against is the word
That makes everyone fail
Makes everyone fall
Breezes blow coals
Fires don’t ignite
Burning out souls

Life is surreal, too strange to reveal
I’ll eat my last meal
Before this sentence punctuates
Falling down drains, follow the rain
Swallow the pain
Faking, pretense

To live suddenly
For another soul
Giving is the word
That makes heaven to hold
Makes nirvana now
Souls feeling hearts
Drinks of ambrosia
Imbalance departs

Examine extremes, outliers discarded
Dearly departed
Wisdom imparted
Love kindled, restarted
I found what I sought
Somewhere in the middle
Between ‘is’ and ‘ought’



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