Treading Water, Thoughts Of You

All of this isosceles isolation
Historians disagree on its origin
Arpeggiated discord, creation
Hunter-gatherers hungry, foraging

Which of our rainbows do you miss the most?
Anxiety is driving us both
At a pace that I can’t fathom
And it’s variably unpredictable
Very soft and kissable
I don’t mind

All of this trapezoid trauma
Psychologists disagree on its effects
Conflated confluence of karma
Inventors making machines, architects

You’re the name on my lips
The voice I hear for everything
The sunlight through my clouds
The vision that I see, amazing

It’s an honor to be on your wish list
I appreciate that you never pretend
It’s a thrill to be among your most wanted
I’m afraid of a happy ending
Or any ending
While our bodies make sweet angels in the sand


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