Pathways Intersect, Causing Processing

Would you like to get to know me
Introduce us
Would you like to control me
Use us
Would you like to disown me
I don’t need you
I just want you
So don’t worry about it

I’m sleepwalking while awake
My awakening was more than you could take
My faith in our relationship is waning
I can’t hear you complain when it’s raining

Shagged, like clockwork
Slowly and methodically
Returning home
Like someone prodigally
Would you like to whip me
Bruise us
Would you like to be happy
Choose us

I’m listening to too many voices speak
I am learning only one of them is unique
My trust in reality is slipping
My blood from your knife keeps….


23 thoughts on “Pathways Intersect, Causing Processing”

      1. I was thinking chipping could be referencing dried blood and the idea that this isn’t the first stab wound you’ve received.
        Way yo be morbid Miss Cyder!! 😮

        Liked by 1 person

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