Our Breath Forms Hearts In The Air

I vanquish demons, mine and yours, with writhing ecstasy. At least, for the moment. Yours are definitely at bay, and as I untangle the sheet from your leg you laugh at my practicality. I won’t apologize. I like a smooth surface before we get rough.

You spin and face me, taking me in while my fingers trace your spine, down your back, all the way to your fitting end. I make you hum while you swallow my excitement. The headlights from the highway below shine at each other, casting shadows on the walls that fight the shadows from the fireplace. Those patio doors are wide open, mountain air and starlight streaming in, freezing cold but that’s what we need to maintain our heat.

You stand up and walk outside, wine in hand, sipping the night. I draw you into the sheets beside me, tracing your outline into the view. You spin to face me, and my sly smile brings you back. We’re tethered to one another. You pour the last of the wine down my throat, and follow it with your tongue. We accept each other willingly and eagerly. It can never be too cold here.


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