Woman Does That Thing

Sequel to Guy Does That Thing

  • There is a woman – name isn’t important
  • She lives at home
  • Home is where everyone lives
  • In this case, it’s her parents’ home
  • She had been running moments ago
  • Bullets and lasers had been fired at her
  • And the occasional moose
  • She was too beautiful to miss
  • For obvious reasons
  • And yet everything did
  • Her parents were on vacation
  • They had been on vacation for many years
  • They lived in seclusion from the violence
  • Hiding on an island fortress
  • She put them there
  • After knocking them out and moving them there herself
  • But she didn’t leave
  • She was too stubborn for that
  • She takes a shower
  • And puts it back and takes a bath instead
  • She opens the capsule and the device
  • Eats the capsule and hangs the device on the wall
  • The device sonically cleans her
  • The capsule delivers a drug that gives her the feeling of a relaxing bath
  • Even though she is sitting in an empty room
  • The capsule effects lasts 20 minutes
  • *20 minutes later*
  • She feels and looks clean
  • Clean enough to leave
  • She clicks a button on one of her rings
  • A field surrounds her
  • (That’s why all the things missed her)
  • She says a few words
  • She knows languages
  • We’ll have to wait to see what language
  • Because we don’t know where the story is set
  • We can see it and listen
  • Though it is likely to be an English-speaking country
  • For obvious reasons
  • Anyway
  • She sneaks down the street
  • Approaches a vehicle
  • It opens
  • It knows her, probably
  • She gets inside
  • The vehicle explodes
  • She doesn’t die
  • The explosion has failed to inhume her
  • However
  • She is flying quite a distance over the city
  • She lands on the roof of a building
  • And opens the door on the roof
  • She walks down some stairs
  • The vehicle is still there
  • She planned this
  • Now she is coming
  • A guy once did this thing
  • He failed
  • She is getting pretty close, though
  • I should worry
  • This is the furthest anyone has gotten
  • For obvious reasons
  • I speak one of the ancient words
  • It is the true plural of moose
  • Normally it stops everything
  • She counters with the true plural of gladiolus
  • I do not know how she knew that
  • I didn’t
  • But the stopping never happens
  • The other ones, the ones around me, say their words
  • She knows more counters
  • The true plural of water
  • The true plural of platypus
  • Others that we have never encountered
  • Despite years of looking
  • We even hired one of the best
  • He defected to the enemy
  • He doesn’t know he did, but he did
  • She is here now
  • Communications do not look promising
  • Ironic, considering our arsenal
  • I cannot let her escape
  • I cannot let her know things that I do not know
  • She is mighty
  • She has no paint or water balloon
  • Or robot pigeon
  • Though she occasionally has need for a giant refrigerator-sized box
  • For obvious reasons
  • She has none of these things
  • She only has words
  • Words I don’t have
  • Words I cannot use
  • But she does have to relieve herself
  • So the box is my only chance
  • I say the words that
  • How shall I say
  • Hasten this imminent event?
  • Bring on the yellow flow?
  • You get the idea
  • She has no defense
  • It is something she must do anyway
  • She doesn’t do it
  • She is looking me in the eye
  • She says one of the words she knows that I don’t
  • She says “I love you”
  • I understand what we have done
  • But we couldn’t just let anyone know these things
  • Could we?
  • Her words have incapacitated the rest of the people
  • The rest of the chosen
  • Her words have only made me understand
  • I understand enough to realize that we chose ourselves
  • And she chose us
  • And she chose me
  • I have no answer
  • I have no need for others
  • So this ‘love’ is… my only chance?
  • I say the words that
  • How shall I say
  • Hasten this imminent event?
  • Bring on the feeling of…
  • You get the idea
  • I have no defense
  • It is something I must do anyway
  • I am looking her in the eye
  • I say the word that I now know
  • I use it as a counter
  • She accepts it willingly
  • I have no counter for acquiescence
  • Except one
  • I say “I love you too”
  • And I have won, after all
  • Or to be more precise
  • It is a tie
  • For obvious reasons

20 thoughts on “Woman Does That Thing”

  1. Love isn’t annoying or silly.
    Just adding my two cents. Or my sense too but the second one is debatable, some think I have no sense and I might not even have any cents any longer.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think you’re right about the annoying part – if it’s annoying, it’s probably not love. But silliness… I think that can be incorporated sometimes, lol. I think it’s because you feel comfortable enough to be silly with a person.
      P.S. You makes scents to me. 🙂


          1. Prefacing my answer with the word love isn’t only considering being love with someone, love is a choice and not solely a feeling. A lifestyle choice. In my opinion love should be extended to every person, sometimes even the seemingly unworthy. I believe every person is deserving. It should be selfless and enduring. It should hold a commitment of the most serious and loyal kind. It should be cherished, treasured and valued. Love should be everlasting. All those things are choices that we make to fulfull. They aren’t automatic. I actually believe that if people would view it love seriously the world and life would be a different place.

            Liked by 1 person

            1. I wasn’t only meaning romantic love either. And again, I agree. 🙂 I believe everything you said should happen.
              Unfortunately, this is often at odds with the ‘survival of the fittest’, which is a selfish holdover from the necessity of old. Overcoming that instinct is difficult for many reasons.
              Though, I suppose you can love someone, anyone, while still protecting yourself, and maybe even distancing yourself from them if they are or your relationship is harmful. But I love everything you just said. 🙂

              Liked by 1 person

              1. I mentioned not meaning romantic love only because of my comment above, I used the phrase “in love” which was sort of our tone of commments. But while defining love I had to do it right. 🙂

                Liked by 1 person

                1. And you did! I agree more and morer. I think sometimes “in love” seems more voluntary than “loving”, but then again, sometimes it doesn’t. 😉
                  Your definition of love is very appropriate generally. 🙂

                  Liked by 1 person

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