Making clouds, making skies
Making meals of words for somebody
Taking pain to cauterize
Taking off like rockets to escape
From all of this odd audible
Machination of mental cruelty
Skillfully skinning me alive
Then taking credit for treating my injury
Your tidal wave buries me
Riptide that can take me back and then
Set me on an uphill climb
To make a circle, there and back again

Shut up, shut up, silence now
Could I have thought of something else to say
I see what’s happening
Entropy interfering with empathy

Chew me up and spit me out
Take a bite from sensibilities
Assert this pyrrhic victory
Rain will wash away mistakes
Panic kept in back pockets
You know that personality type
Unbalancing act, sleight-of-hand
Look away so I don’t see
Your right finger pointed at me
Blaming me for your mistakes
Your left hand tight around my throat
Wind rushes right out of me

Consider saying nothing now
I could have thought of something else to do
I know what’s happening
My insides caught in your crossfire