Bags packed and one foot out the door

Only time and love of self can mend a broken heart. That ache, well it might not go away. But it will subside. When I talk to myself, one of us is devil’s advocate. I’m in a mental hospital called life.

I stuck myself inside a time capsule and buried myself at 27, and I came out and saw how the world had changed. I emerged and saw how my life had changed. I broke the shell and saw how my mind had changed. I shed my skin and saw my suitcase full of dreams and ambition sitting there covered with dust. You’re only as old as you feel, and I don’t feel like being old. An old soul, maybe, but not old.

It all becomes troublesome sometimes, but that’s why there’s wine, to walk the fine lines.

I’m beautifully overflowing, of course – it’s hard to keep emotions inside a broken container.


13 thoughts on “Bags packed and one foot out the door”

  1. I love this too.
    Old/young. These things we’ve put on a phony timeline of anxious hurry. The connotations of both are erroneous. I think of the way we learn and grow and it always comes down to “if only I knew all of this when I was younger”. But why keep that perpetual dreary perspective when it’s just a flimsy illusion contrived by our limited awarenesses?
    There is something beautiful and desirable about every stage of our life. If we could shake the stigmas and notions out of everyone that insist the grass is greener somewhere else or sometime else and this thing is better because I was this or that we’d be a much more content people.
    Time goes by but time is always there. Death? That’s just a part of life.
    Pardon my rantiness on your post. You are simply the age you are. You’re not old. (Unless I’m teasing you)

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    1. Which you do quite often 😛
      But I agree with what you said.
      Midlife crisis to me is when someone peaks in their life, and looks back to that time, perpetually trying to recapture it. Living in the past. Then there are those who always look to the next thing and the next, perpetually moving yet retaining nothing.
      My past is who I am, so it’s important to know, but not to dwell on. I can’t change it. I have had good days and experiences, but my best days are ahead of me.
      I have said that it’s not someones age, it’s their experiences that make them who they are. I still believe that. And the way around lamenting actions you didn’t take before is to ask yourself what you will wish you had done in a year, two years, five years – and do it.

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