If heart and mind joined forces, who would be their new enemy?

Black is the sincerest color. It is darkness and shadow, deprivation of the senses. The pool I float in, looking up at clouds until up and down lose their meaning.

I’m stuck inside this envelope
Sealed with spit and polish
Appeal to the masses, taking more classes
At the school of hard knocks
It’s a popular college

I’m frozen in this time
Paralyzed and pensive
I have nothing to do but to think about what I’ve been through
I’m into you but you’re apprehensive

I jumped into the abyss
I bounced, I bounced back
I’m still on the edge
I jumped into this
I want to go back
I’m not finished yet

I can’t move from this place
Too much on my plate
Was it fast enough or good enough or strong enough
Or long enough or bright enough now
Was it too late?

I slipped and fell into love
Slept through most of the drive
Can I get enough love to last all night
All my life in your arms just to keep me alive

I jumped into the abyss
I bounced, I bounced back
I’m still on the edge
I jumped into this
I want to go back
I’m not finished yet

This tense and contentious physicality can be felt viscerally, with a quickened pulse and adrenaline flowing through veins like falling stars. Burning and cooling, I must plunge my body deep into the icy waters to forge a tempered soul. The form I take, the weapons I choose are blades for both hands, dual attacks, no shield, because one has no need to defend against living, and one cannot defend against death.


17 thoughts on “If heart and mind joined forces, who would be their new enemy?”

      1. Actually, since MDs are rarely around, and simply write the orders, you’d probability fare better with an American Nurses Association approved mask. Since we’re the final checkpoint in everything that happens to your body and all. We’ll make sure that fucking mask fits, by golly, even if it’s duct – taped to your face. Fucking “sub-standard, and it’s not getting better, love you long time, Trump care” medical equipment.

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          1. lol I see that.
            I wasn’t really thinking about this happening between two people when I answered, the dynamic would probably be different. It would mean their hearts and minds wouldn’t be at odds.
            When I made that comment I was leaning towards the way humanity has to always be battling something. So if we took out our worst enemy out we’d find another one. Other people then would take first place. So basically I was making sarcastic fun of humanity.
            Way to call me out Ward.

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            1. I didn’t have a way to italicize ‘two’ in my comment, or it might have made more sense at the time. But yes, that’s what I meant – two people who are caring for one another have hearts and minds in close cadence, definitely. I didn’t mean literally they’d be ‘against the world’ in a battle, though. Just metaphorically. They’d be completely for each other would be more accurate, I think.
              I did see what you were saying. Inside a person, if their heart and mind see things the same way and become allies, they gang up on other people, the new enemy. But wow, is constant battling draining. No matter what the battle. If we stop battling, then there are those who interpret it as acquiescence, though, so we have to keep our weapons out sometimes, so to speak, even if we don’t use them.


              1. No your comment made sense, it just made me laugh because thepost discusses it happening within and suddenly there were two!
                But I didn’t mean anyone one was going to gang up on anyone. Lol this getting to be a typical xen/clever discussion. Haha


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