It’s Always Sunny In Necropolis

It was sunny, but there were enough clouds to keep the sun from shining on me like a spotlight while life tried to extract information from me. Just before the torture began.

Under the surface of the water, he looked up to the light. He stayed there for as long as he could, enjoying the comforting feeling of being completely surrounded by water, the undertow hugging him, the current kissing his face. The ocean had depths, and it hid the darkest parts of itself from him. He would never touch the bottom, would never know what lay there. He could never survive the gravity of such an occurrence in any case.

For a brief moment, he considered letting the waves take him away. He knew they would only carry him back to land. He was running out of air and running out of time, so he knew he had to break through the surface soon. Well I Wonder played in his mental jukebox. He was drowning wherever he went…

Gasping, dying – but somehow still alive
This is the final stand of all I am

The clouds blew back and the light hit me in the eye directly. Life asked me where I was just now and yesterday and last month and forever ago, and I couldn’t answer, because I was nowhere.


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