I’m the center of my universe
This can’t be all there is
This can’t be everything
I’m the eye of my own hurricane
The calm after the storm
This can’t be everything

I don’t really care but what did I say
To you?

I am in control
Of the waves that are constantly crashing over you
Leaving you clean
I am in control
Of the fire that purifies you shining white
I might have had something to do
With the good in your life
And how you feel right now

I scream your name in my head with a whisper
I feel my pain in your bed with a whimper
I hear the rain and it makes me feel better
I feel your touch and I pull it together
I wouldn’t do anything for your love
Except be myself

I am the center of your universe
This is all I need
This is everything
I am the eye of your hurricane
I move with you
To hell with the rest of the world