Agents of Light and Darkness

There has been peace. There will be peace again. But right now, we have work to do.
― Simon R. Green

Washed and put away
Without drying
Tears will fall anyway
Hidden in dark places
Crying quietly

You looked at me with longing, slowly examining me. I became exquisitely aware of feelings and emotions, command and control. My own aching need resurfaces, resilient and acutely sensitive. But I cannot allow it.

What we shared must be shed
What we promised must be broken
Mutually forgiving each other for the transgression
Oh my god, this hurts like hell
But it’s the only way to heal

I look away, not demurely, not at all coy, but with all the disinterest I can muster. Bringing considerable forces to bear, all I need to do is tap into my memories of violence, abandonment, mistreatment, manipulation, and I can resist easily. It doesn’t matter. This doesn’t matter.

What value can one ordinary man have in a magical world? What can a mortal bring to the affairs of immortals?
Insight. Honor. Morality. Perspective.
Because nothing makes love and life matter more than the knowledge that some day it must end.  – Simon R. Green


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