Painful Pleasure

Your convulsions echo from my fingers
as I softly caress your hip, sparking a
horizontal conversation
we have a way with words, with lips
and tongues, we have our ways with
each other, we have ways of making
the other one talk with bodies sliding
along sensuous raindrops gathering inside us
as I slowly caress your inner thigh, sparking an
euphoric moan from your lips
I have a way of evoking almost
painful pleasure from just one
kiss along the small of your back
kissing lower to your chorus gala
a penetrating ovation shocks us both
with how good this night tastes and how
long it will last, nearly a lifetime
your quivering tremble, a soundless
release of gratitude and satiation
my shaking departure, a wordless
release of love and lust intertwined


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