One Lovely Blog Award 

Thank you to Swosti Das of QuiescentListener, a beautiful writer and blog, for considering me for this award. I don’t really do awards much, but I do appreciate when someone thinks of me for one.

Thank you, Ms. Das!


MahimaI’d like you to know how glad I am for the nomination of this award. It is my first award in this blog and I’m thankful to you. I used to look up at other blogs having at least one of these and think that maybe someday, it will come to me and it has arrived. Thank you ❤ All of you reading this, do check her blog.

Disclosing seven things about me:

  1. I absolutely love love love food like its my religion.
  2. I can’t say a no to anyone (unless the situation is not that critical) cause I feel that I will hurt them.
  3. I usually know what I want and why but I’m very contradictory in nature and that puts me off too.
  4. I have a thing for subtle rains in mid evenings with a book and anything delicious ( I crave a lot for such moments…

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