What are you doing?
What have you done…
What was the point of ever pretending
Say what you think
Say what you dare
Don’t be afraid, say anything

I couldn’t have asked for this
Someone like you would only exist
In the shadows

It was only a dream playing inside
It’s only here for a limited time
You’re burning up my mind
I’m waking up to nothing
I was hanging on every word
Now your words are what I’m hanging from
It’s getting harder to breathe
I’m waking up to nothing

What did you say?
Was anything true…
What was the reason for this feint
Say it, just say it
Because I already know
Don’t worry, I was already broken

I wouldn’t have started this
If I knew a touch was only
A fleeting memory

It was all a mistake that I helped to create
I had patience and time but I don’t want to wait
You’re wasting my time
I’m waking up to nothing
I actually thought, really believed
Got the sun in my eyes
I think it looks like rain
I’m waking up to nothing