Passive-Aggressive Vague Post

This post says things about someone, but not directly. This first paragraph is purposefully vague. Now some platitude is in order, so here is one, platitude.

This sentence barely conceals anger and resentment, but then rescues itself at the end with bittersweet nostalgia that almost forgives the former. This sentence is short. This one is longer, but the first sentence was the real purpose of this paragraph. This sentence is intended to provide distance, and a compliment to mitigate the directness of the first sentence, which you already know because you are so smart.

This paragraph is all about turning back time and remembering all the good times that you have apparently forgotten, but not to the point of negating the compliment in the previous paragraph. Oh no. Not at all. In fact, more compliments are in this paragraph, but there is the asterisk that all the good things happened quite a while ago. This sentence in particular loves the times we had. This one wants to be with you, but admits it might not be possible.

This paragraph despairs and laments. It’s getting pretty drunk as well, so there will be more errors than in preevies sntencal. so love me. love meeee. omg we should be                   all with eech other1!11!                This sentence has a moment of clarity and calls Uber for a ride home, but then drinks more. Why don’t o  u love meeeee why we’re so god togethre     please wil yucall me tonite?

ETA: This part is an edit done the next morning. This sentence is so embarrassed, and can’t believe that happened. This post is normally not like that. This post is sorry, and this sentence promises to make it up to you. Whatever happened between us, let’s just move past it and be friends again, and stuff.

This sentence misses you.


20 thoughts on “Passive-Aggressive Vague Post”

      1. This comment is to reassure you of my enjoyment of the original post. Right here, this sentence is where I relate to it by describing that i type what will be inserted in a story before I finalize it and I should’ve just posted a story like that but you beat me to it. I wonder if you’ll let me steal this concept if I give you credit. I love self-aware and self-deprecating humor

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