After All

Don’t be afraid of me
I’m a great person to everyone except myself
But when I harm myself everybody suffers
So maybe you should be afraid of me after all

Don’t get tired of me
I’m a great person when I’m feeling fine
But when I’m unhappy I bring everybody down
So maybe you should get tired of me after all

Don’t lose faith in me
I’m sure of myself when I know what I’m doing
But sometimes even I don’t know what I’m doing
So maybe you should lose faith in me after all

Don’t you ever love me
I can only be in love with myself
But the only way I can love myself is if you love me
So maybe you should love me after all


I wrote this in 1994. Wow.




17 thoughts on “After All”

        1. I wrote some bad stuff at 15, lol. But this was among my early adult poetry, one of the first I wasn’t embarrassed to show people.
          It was worded slightly differently originally. It was a song I wrote. I remember the music too.

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          1. Bad stuff. Lol
            It reminds me of poetry I wrote early on. I never started writing poetry until I was maybe twenty. Besides school requirements. It’s similar down to the very way it’s layed out.

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            1. Yes, it wasn’t very good at all.
              I wrote in rhyming couplets for a long time, and then a couple of bands showed me that rhyming was limiting. And after that I wrote in many different ways.
              What’s similar?


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